Sunday, October 14


Just a list of thoughts, things, etc that aren't as intense as the last two posts... because I'm not always intense!

1. Although it is chilly in the apartment now and the heat doesn't seem to be working, I'm so happy it is finally Fall weather outside since it is technically Fall.
2. When I was walking with Matt yesterday each of us holding a Hot Chocolate and after me pointing out an interesting store name he said, "Let's cross and check it out!" I realized this is why I'm marrying him, because I could spend the rest of my life doing just this with him everyday and be fulfilled. It was nice.
3. Why do I keep sleeping until 11 when I don't have to get up? Am I sick?
4. My apartment has a whole new feel because I moved one piece of furniture. Cool.
5. I'm going sailing today, and I'm so excited yet afraid I'll be freezing the whole time.
6. It really is the little things in life, like how pumped I was to score a window table in Starbucks yesterday morning when the entire place was packed.
7. I like that the church on Park Ave. near us plays their bells so frequently.
8. I'm hungry.

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