Thursday, March 13

Couple City

As I was walking to spinning with a co-worker tonight she asked if I felt like I was getting the full city experience by going out with other couples. She commented that she kind of always felt that you really get the city experience when you're out for fun dinners/nights on the town, and alluded to it being easier when you're in a couple. Her face brightened as she commented about how much fun it must be to be living in the city as a couple and getting to experience it through that.
At first, I said- "Well Matt and I don't go out that much..." Then I paused, that doesn't mean we're not fun or don't have fun when we do. She was right. I am getting the full city experience by going out and experiencing the city with friends, I'm doing what I sometimes wish I were out doing when I sit at home alone.
I do it with my girlfriends, and I do it as a couple. Is it easier to commit to social engagements as a couple, definitely, and with this group of friends we don't worry about cost which always exposes us to more.
The whole couple lifestyle does open you up to more in the city. You can take off the airs of being with a group of girls "out on the town." You can relax a little when you're with the one person who loves you regardless of any flaws, you can let yourself give in to the atmosphere and not worry about who is around you and how they are reacting to you, and if its friends surrounding you, the relaxation comes even more easily.
Living together and getting married, we are moving in to that world of going out together, getting invited to things together, and its fun! Now that I've had this epiphany, I want to do it more often, if only we had the income to match my ideal.

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