Sunday, March 23


A year ago this weekend, I moved to NY. I could be sitting where I am right now, but would have been surrounded by boxes. I remember waking up Sunday morning and starting to slowly unpack the boxes in the Kitchen, I figured it was the easiest thing to get put away. I started to sort things, stack things and get organized while still unorganized.
As soon as my Mom and Brother headed back to NH, Matt and I started our long list and started buying.
Within 2 weeks everything was bought, put together and the boxes were gone. I work quickly. Now a year has passed. I found myself thinking the other day how fun it would be to unpack all over again. The process was joyful for me. Not only was I unpacking my life and joining it with Matt's, I was starting a new journey, I was putting the past year behind me. I didn't know where this step was going to take me, it was exciting, exhilarating, and a whole lot of fun. I got to go to Ikea and buy things I really needed, I was gifted things I'd had my eye on for months, it was all mine to do whatever I pleased with, as long as Matt agreed- and when does he not? I like being organized, I like putting things in their places, so unpacking this apartment was fun for me on many levels. I would do it all over again.
Now we've got our eyes on bigger things, we'll be here another year but after that I want a house to call our own and I want to unpack in to that place and not know when we'll leave. I want to use the knowledge HGTV has given me. There is a long way for us to go still, but when I think back on the last year it is thoughts like, "Damn where did the time go?" So, before too long we'll be putting are now joined life in to boxes, and as little fun as packing is at least I can hold on to the joy I know I'll feel unpacking again.

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