Tuesday, September 18

Photography 101

I went back to school last night. As I left work, on the way to class, I realized how unprepared I was. I should have brought a backpack, instead I was carrying my purse and a notebook and pen, but maybe that's how its like in school now. As I thought about my lack of preparedness I realize it was because I was a little nervous about doing this and thus I ignored it and did not accurately prepare. Its not like I enrolled in an MBA, or any kind of a program, its a one time thing, a photography class so I can learn more about the technical aspect of taking pictures and become better at something I think I'm already pretty good at.
I left work a little early, anxious about getting there on time, and was there too early. A bunch of us stood around in the hallway leaning against lockers waiting to get into the class room. Finally one guy just pushed the door open and we realized not only was it not locked, there was no one in the room. A typical first night of class move, no one wants to take the initiative in the first place, and as soon as one person is just standing outside the class room everyone will be.
The room was crappy, I'm not going to sugar coat it. I was kind of expecting a more "state of the art" facility. Clean, roomy, white boards, overhead projectors, camera equipment, nice desks. This was the opposite. Tags all over the black board (yes, black board and chalk), tags on the desks, trash from other classes.
The teacher says fuck every other word. And loves that its part of "who he is". He calls himself "a scary guy" I just think he's making up for some lack of self-confidence and its going to get grating to watch him do it for 3 hours every Monday for 10 weeks.
But the teacher knows what the fuck he's talking about and he's good. I'm going to learn a ton...and I don't have to lug my camera with me every night, I just have to make sure I practice when I get home.
When I went to get a water on the break the guy at the bodega gave me eyes. But they have seltzer and I'm probably going to have a secret admirer to deal with every Monday night now cause I'll definitely go back on breaks, you gotta leave on breaks- right?
As I left I passed a ton of Baruch students leaving their night classes, and the 6 train at 23rd street filled with them. It felt kind of cool and new to be part of the group of students getting on the train.
Its fall, I'm back in school and it feels good!

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