Thursday, January 22

Whack Job

This week has been crazy, crazy, crazy. So many things going on at work all of a sudden. I went through my days with Matt as we ran the East Side Drive of Central Park this evening, yay for warmish winter evenings. When I finally finished at about mile 1.8 I asked what he thought. I think some of his huffing and puffing was thinking about all I had done today. He agreed that it is crazy the amount of stuff I have to do in a day, and not just that but do at once.
I was on a training call for 1.5 hours today with the line muted. This meant I could be returning emails, answering employee questions as they popped in and answering my temps questions as she did things for me. And, it wasn't that I was ignoring the training to get this done, I took the training in completely and actually am excited to get to utilize what I learned.
It is like I'm a professional mini fire fighter, or maybe more like a professional whack a mole player, not like your basic every day Joe or Jane who gets the high score at the arcade, I mean pro level, tournament winning, money making, endorsement grabbing whack a moler.
Whacking moles, left and right, hitting them before they even think to pop up. It is true, I try to be very proactive in my work.
In any event- so that's what I do everyday. And just for kicks- here's a couple of pictures Libby snapped at one of our pre-wedding festivities this summer of me playing a came similar to Whack a Mole- just for the sack of furthering the metaphor.

Saturday, January 17


It was quiet in the house the evening. I stood on the heating grate and let the warm air fill up the legs of my pants.
I looked around the darkening kitchen and almost said out loud, "You would have liked this, the house being so quiet."

Monday, January 12

Belly Aches and Groans

I just put on a big cozy sweatshirt. I love that feeling. You put it over your head and instantly you are warmer, more comfortable, even happier.
I'm feeling off. This morning my stomach was a mess, I ate some oatmeal and felt a little better.
Then my face started burning up, I was getting flush over and over again. If I had had a thermometer I would have taken my temperature.
I left at lunch time and came home to a warm bed with Matt already in it, his stomach feeling off too. But there was more, is that a cold I feel coming?
It is like old times, we decided, us being home together during a work day.
I stirred an hour in, at 3:30ish (I'm guessing) and the sky was still light, so I decided I could sleep for longer, finally getting up at 5:00. If I can fall asleep easily tonight we'll know that my body really is fighting something.
My stomach still feels off, and I'm trying to kick a head cold out with airborne and it tastes disgusting which doesn't help my stomach.
I'm boiling water for pasta, my cure when my belly aches.
I'll make some tea and then feel really cozy.
The Winter aches and pains. It really does feel like Winter out there now.

Thursday, January 8

Wedding Mosaic

Wedding Mosiac, originally uploaded by adkcub.

I never get sick of looking at these, and since I haven't shared the professional final pics- here we go- a sampling!

Tuesday, January 6

Thoughts on a rainy night

Tonight I came home and sulked. I was all of a sudden worn out by how fast the day went and did not want to go to they late spin class which meant late dinner and late relaxation time (now there is only 45 minutes left until my 10:00 show which means just before bedtime show).

I stood in the living room with my shoulders all droopy and moped. Matt was already in his comfy clothes and I just wanted to curl up next to him.
He got up and gave me a hug and encouraged me to go, well done Husband of mine.
So I went out in to the cold rain and headed to class.
Spin, Spin, Spin
She finished 5 minutes early- and I was so close to calling her on it! I schlepped all the way there for a shortened class!?
At least I got there, right?
And, we just had breakfast for dinner, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Tonight is a night that I wish we had a TV in the bedroom, because I would brush my teeth and get right in and fall asleep watching it.
It makes me miss my room on Charnwood Rd. I loved being cozy in my big bed in my big room watching TV at night.
Although sometimes the TV would stay on way too late in to the night and I would end up watching shows like the 1/2 Ton woman or something else ridiculous on TLC. Really, The Learning Channel? More like the who can we exploit for entertainment channel.(WCWEFEC)
Anyway, Matt can't sleep with it on so that would save me there.

Saturday, January 3


Check out my 2009 resolution: Cooking

Friday, January 2

New Year in Review

January: I picked out my wedding dress, which is telling to what the focus of my year was. It was an overwhelming experience for me mostly because it was another step which meant I was getting married without my Dad.
I had to watch the Patriots lose their undeafted season to the Giants, with all Giant's fans.

February: This was a good month, I dove in to wedding planning, I felt really happy in all aspects of my life. The year was looking up.

March: I started Weight Watchers and Triathlon Training, another major focus for my year. Matt’s parents get a new puppy, a fun place to put some focus and energy. I picked up the memoir again and got through a chunk of it and then put it back down again.

Apri: Wedding things started to be finalized. As Spring came to the City, I spent more and more time in the park, running, walking around, taking pictures. The pope was in town and we saw him drive by. I also started the path to accepting the new man in Mom’s life.

May: Did my first Triathlon, mini, on Mother’s Day. It was the 2nd year anniversary. Took a family trip to California with Mom and Sam, had a fantastic trip. Kate and Helena both got engaged on Memorial Day!
I meet and start getting to know David.

June: The year starts to shift, A big project starts at work, I get asked to work with the VP and a Asst. Director on it, very top secret, I think fantastic I’m moving up in the world!
Running more and more outside with Matt including at night since the days were heating up so much. It felt like summer and like I was getting married soon.
Kate and Eric move back to NY, Kate throws me a fantastic Bridal Shower.

July: The highs and lows begin. Matt finishes law school, sadly his Grandfather passes away. Wedding finalization really ramps up as work gets more stressful and scary and my future is unclear.

August: They continue in August. I complete my first "real" Triathlon and love it. I'm laid off. The month ends with the best wedding EVER.

September: The month started in Hawaii, what a way to start the fall and our unemployment. The High Holidays return again bringing reflection and the emotions of the "holiday season" without Dad. Matt and I adjust to our time together during unemployment and begin our 1/2 Marathon training.

October: The month was filled with a lot of running which helped with the unemployment eating. We spent time with our unemployed friends doing fun activities. Lots of applying for jobs and not a lot of interviews.

November: Matt and I complete our first ½ Marathon! Matt's friend Emily and Jared get married. Unemployment was really getting to us, restlessness, unease and anxiety filled November. It was the first year I wasn't with my family for Thanksgiving.

December: Even with the anxiety over the economy, December is ending with the same sense of hopefulness for the future that I had last year during the winter. Matt and I are both working, we are more happier and in love than ever and our families are happy and healthy. What more could we ask for?

Here's to what I think will be a fantastic 2009, for everyone.