Friday, January 2

New Year in Review

January: I picked out my wedding dress, which is telling to what the focus of my year was. It was an overwhelming experience for me mostly because it was another step which meant I was getting married without my Dad.
I had to watch the Patriots lose their undeafted season to the Giants, with all Giant's fans.

February: This was a good month, I dove in to wedding planning, I felt really happy in all aspects of my life. The year was looking up.

March: I started Weight Watchers and Triathlon Training, another major focus for my year. Matt’s parents get a new puppy, a fun place to put some focus and energy. I picked up the memoir again and got through a chunk of it and then put it back down again.

Apri: Wedding things started to be finalized. As Spring came to the City, I spent more and more time in the park, running, walking around, taking pictures. The pope was in town and we saw him drive by. I also started the path to accepting the new man in Mom’s life.

May: Did my first Triathlon, mini, on Mother’s Day. It was the 2nd year anniversary. Took a family trip to California with Mom and Sam, had a fantastic trip. Kate and Helena both got engaged on Memorial Day!
I meet and start getting to know David.

June: The year starts to shift, A big project starts at work, I get asked to work with the VP and a Asst. Director on it, very top secret, I think fantastic I’m moving up in the world!
Running more and more outside with Matt including at night since the days were heating up so much. It felt like summer and like I was getting married soon.
Kate and Eric move back to NY, Kate throws me a fantastic Bridal Shower.

July: The highs and lows begin. Matt finishes law school, sadly his Grandfather passes away. Wedding finalization really ramps up as work gets more stressful and scary and my future is unclear.

August: They continue in August. I complete my first "real" Triathlon and love it. I'm laid off. The month ends with the best wedding EVER.

September: The month started in Hawaii, what a way to start the fall and our unemployment. The High Holidays return again bringing reflection and the emotions of the "holiday season" without Dad. Matt and I adjust to our time together during unemployment and begin our 1/2 Marathon training.

October: The month was filled with a lot of running which helped with the unemployment eating. We spent time with our unemployed friends doing fun activities. Lots of applying for jobs and not a lot of interviews.

November: Matt and I complete our first ½ Marathon! Matt's friend Emily and Jared get married. Unemployment was really getting to us, restlessness, unease and anxiety filled November. It was the first year I wasn't with my family for Thanksgiving.

December: Even with the anxiety over the economy, December is ending with the same sense of hopefulness for the future that I had last year during the winter. Matt and I are both working, we are more happier and in love than ever and our families are happy and healthy. What more could we ask for?

Here's to what I think will be a fantastic 2009, for everyone.

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