Sunday, January 31

Farewell January

I haven't been writing because I want to focus more on writing when I don't feel like whining, or complaining or being sad. I have to say, although this month was filled with much good:

Visits from Family
Celebrations with friends

It was also filled with a lot of stress and anxiety. I don't want to rehash it, because I'm trying to focus on the positive and good in my life. A few weeks ago I went to a Friday night Yoga class that focused on physically and mentally opening ourselves up to all the beauty and good in our life and so I've been trying to continue focusing on that. I'm open, I'm ready and the goodness has been coming.
So with this, I say farewell to January - and it can take its below 30 weather with it.

Friday, January 1

The Last 2 Best Of '09 Posts

12/30 was the best ad- the one that made you think the most. I didn't post about it on the day, because I really don't know how to respond. When I think about ads that make me think, I remember watching TV in London and how much more powerful the advertising there is, much less censorship. I wish I had a good answer for this, I wish I could remember an ad that really made me stop and think, but alas I can't. So, I don't have a response...

12/31 what resolution did you wish you could have kept? Well obviously my cooking resolution. I'm bummed I let that one slide, but it helped me to make a more doable/keepable one for 2010. So, my 2010 resolution is to twice monthly make a hours time for writing.

Happy New Year!