Tuesday, January 6

Thoughts on a rainy night

Tonight I came home and sulked. I was all of a sudden worn out by how fast the day went and did not want to go to they late spin class which meant late dinner and late relaxation time (now there is only 45 minutes left until my 10:00 show which means just before bedtime show).

I stood in the living room with my shoulders all droopy and moped. Matt was already in his comfy clothes and I just wanted to curl up next to him.
He got up and gave me a hug and encouraged me to go, well done Husband of mine.
So I went out in to the cold rain and headed to class.
Spin, Spin, Spin
She finished 5 minutes early- and I was so close to calling her on it! I schlepped all the way there for a shortened class!?
At least I got there, right?
And, we just had breakfast for dinner, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Tonight is a night that I wish we had a TV in the bedroom, because I would brush my teeth and get right in and fall asleep watching it.
It makes me miss my room on Charnwood Rd. I loved being cozy in my big bed in my big room watching TV at night.
Although sometimes the TV would stay on way too late in to the night and I would end up watching shows like the 1/2 Ton woman or something else ridiculous on TLC. Really, The Learning Channel? More like the who can we exploit for entertainment channel.(WCWEFEC)
Anyway, Matt can't sleep with it on so that would save me there.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Charnwood Road too!!!!! And I miss you!!!!