Wednesday, December 3

It's December?

I just realized I haven't changed my calendar yet. Not that it is so crazy because it is only the 3rd day of December and I wasn't back in the apartment until Monday evening, but I'm one of those people who changes calendars the first day of the month, and updates them with any plans, meetings, etc immediately.
This week I'm feeling off. My head is pounding most of the time, my stomach is upset and I can't seem to get myself to the gym. I told myself yesterday that it was okay to just rest and let myself do what my body was telling me to do, take a nap at 4:30 and skip spinning. But today, I should have felt back and ready to go. I should have run, I should have done more research about Start Ups and cooked a nice dinner. Instead I went to the movies at 12:15 and then watched TV until falling asleep and then going out to dinner. Is letting myself sit still so much making me feel so off? I'm not a girl who sits still easily.
Hopefully 2 days of feeling off, and not liking it, will leave me feeling on tomorrow. I do know that I'm going to include an Advil Cold & Sinus with my morning routine, maybe OTCs will have to do to get me back in the G.A.M.E.


megabrooke said...

i still have november up at home, and OCTOBER up at work! god help me.

Sades said...

Don't forget to add some rest weeks into your training schedule. You should always schedule in 2-3 weeks of rest (which might include easy 3-5 mile runs etc.) between training for different events. Use that time off to spend some time getting yourself psyched up for the next training (plan your routes, put some new songs on your ipod, buy some new gear, read running/triathlon books...), so you will be ready to start again when your rest weeks are over. I like to buy myself some new training gear and wrap them up to open the night before you start. It is always a great motivation to start the season.