Thursday, November 27

Turkey Day

Today was a Thanksgiving that started a new tradition, the every other tradition. Prior to today it was a little difficult for me to handle. I wanted to be home, helping my Mom get ready, setting the table, decorating the table, baking a cake, making appetizers, canapes and mashed potatoes.
But I let the day be what it was going to be, I went with the flow, I lived in the moment. Not surprisingly it was a lovely day. I had the morning to myself so I could work out, get my nails done and make an appetizer. I also got to spend the day with the lovely people who are part of my new family. I ate delicious food, drank some good wine and played with adorable kids.
Now I get to go to NH, eat leftovers and see my whole family. All in all it is not such a bad deal. I guess it is the whole tradition of the thing I miss, the actually being there and being a part of creating the whole meal.
To be honest, after the meal is served I am always a little bit disappointed that my fun is over. Sure I like eating, but for me its not as much fun as the prepping and the planning for the eating.

So enough blah blah. On to what I'm thankful for. Since I don't want to ramble I'll stick to 10 things about my 2008, in no particular order.

Getting married
Obama being elected
Blogging/Twittering/Facebook because they keep me occupied daily
Race Training and doing my first 1/2 marathon and triathlon
My family & friends, always- because we keep evolving and growing together
Crockpots and Stand Mixers and other kitchen gadgets
Bravo Reality TV
Exploring more of my neighborhood and surroundings

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megabrooke said...

glad to hear you had a nice day!

(im going to nh tonight too!)