Tuesday, November 4

The Election and Me

Standing in line today to vote I was reminded of voting in NH, where every time I voted I had to stand in line, it was always exciting, and today has been very exciting. After I pulled the big red lever I stood outside the booth waiting for Matt and was giddy. I got that feeling in my back of my throat that makes you want to jump up and yell excitedly. Instead I ate a cupcake.
The day went by so slowly, all I wanted was to do what I'm doing now, sit on the couch watching CNN and getting more and more excited. I was anxious at the beginning, you never know what can happen until it does.
Now I'm feeling optimistic and I am starting to take in what this will mean, on so many levels.
Maybe part of me has been waiting for this election to come to feel like change is coming on large and small scales. The last week or so I've been quietly sitting back and waiting for things to happen in my life, sure I've been actively working to make things happen, but there is only so much I can do. Much like watching this election unfold, making sure I vote and urging others to do so but mostly waiting and watching to see what will happen.
In the next few weeks our country is going to start to shift and change as we usher in a new, hopefully monumental, president. Here's hoping something similar happens in my life over the next few weeks, I want shifts, I want changes and I'll even take some that are monumental.

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