Sunday, November 2

On Weddings

We went to our first wedding as a married couple today. I've found since getting back from the honeymoon that I want to do it all again, the planning, the preparing, the ceremony, the celebrations, everything. I had so much fun, got such a high from it all that it is hard to come down. Not having a job to occupy me during these past months has only intensified my wish to do it all again.
So being at a wedding, the first since my own, left me comparing a lot. It was frustrating. The wedding was so different than our own that comparisons either left me feeling judgmental (Oh I'm so glad we didn't have that) or jealous (Wow, there are so many gorgeous flowers).
When I finally convinced myself to stop doing it, I had fun dancing with my husband, ate some good food, and took in the wedding and celebration as a guest enjoying it. Am I jealous that they're going to Hawaii tomorrow? Hell yes. But I left remembering how great our wedding was for us, and that's what matters.

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