Friday, January 1

The Last 2 Best Of '09 Posts

12/30 was the best ad- the one that made you think the most. I didn't post about it on the day, because I really don't know how to respond. When I think about ads that make me think, I remember watching TV in London and how much more powerful the advertising there is, much less censorship. I wish I had a good answer for this, I wish I could remember an ad that really made me stop and think, but alas I can't. So, I don't have a response...

12/31 what resolution did you wish you could have kept? Well obviously my cooking resolution. I'm bummed I let that one slide, but it helped me to make a more doable/keepable one for 2010. So, my 2010 resolution is to twice monthly make a hours time for writing.

Happy New Year!

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