Sunday, December 20

Food and Cars

I'll admit it, I'm getting overwhelmed as I keep missing days of Best '09. But, I must press on, I must stick to this!

On Friday, where did you spend most of your money this year- sadly I think the answer to that is on food- but darn we had some good food. What was the best? Hmm, I'm still dreaming about those Flex Mussel donuts...

On Saturday, we were supposed to explore the best car ride... where did we go? Who were we with, what did we see?
Sometime in the Spring, early Spring, because the air was still chilly and Starbucks was still serving London Fog's, Matt and I decided to head North to the Woodbury Common Fashion Outlet. We took to the car and were off. I was excited to head out for a shopping trip with my favorite person, and he was excited to have me distraction free in the car. (I'm just being honest here!). We stopped and loaded up on warm beverages somewhere in New Jersey. As I sipped my London Fog we talked about what we were looking for at the outlets, which stores we hit up first, and we talked of the future. We were both finally employed, we were excited about where life was going to take us next. I remember that drive so fondly. As we headed in to the hills north of New York City we talked about having children, buying a house and how excited we both were to start those journeys together. I saw my Husband growing up, becoming a man right in front of me and realized how much we were about to do together, that even though we had almost 9 years behind us there were so many more ahead.
Isn't it amazing with an hour car ride can do for you?

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