Sunday, November 22

Thankful Month

Daily thanks has been all over Twitter and Facebook lately. I stopped updating my facebook status about 6 or so months ago, so I haven't participated, but I've been thinking about the many things I have to be thankful for, and so here is a list of 22 daily thanks for the month so far. With more to come in the coming days and week.

1. A husband who smiles at me everytime I come home, or when he walks in to a room and I'm there.
2. A family that supports us, loves us and isn't afraid to show it.
3. A boss I can laugh and be silly and snarky with.
4. A good job.
5. My green thumb.
6. Gap Gift Cards to fix a shopping urge on a budget.
7. Clean laundry.
8. Afternoon naps.
9. Days off.
10. Firsts, college basketball and hockey games.
11. Being someones person.
12. Races in Yankee Stadium that leave you feeling high for weeks after.
13. Manicures
14. FRS
15. Football
16. Being able to buy a house that will take us many years in to the future.
17. Chick Lit to read on the train in the morning.
18. Central Park
19. Seeing Matt get to run through Yankee stadium.
20. Flowers from my husband to celebrate my raise.
21. Big beautiful artichokes to make for dinner.
22. Knowing every night when I come home my husband will be there to say hello with a hug and a kiss.

How about you? What are you thankful for this month?


Unknown said...

did you get a puppy?! the someone's person got me wondering! ;) your list is wonderful!

Adrienne said...

Thanks! No puppy yet! That's about a friend :)