Monday, November 30

Extroverted Introvert Writes Post When She Should be Sleeping

I told myself I'd go to bed at 10:30 tonight so I'd get my 9 hours of sleep, and yet here I am up and at my computer, watching the Patriots and thinking of excuses/reasons I'm not in bed. Reality is, I don't like to miss things. I like to be a part of things, in the mix, and all that. However, another piece of my reality is that I'm a homebody and shy too.
I was very, extremely, so so close to skipping the 10 year high school reunion that I organized this past weekend. I didn't want to go, I wanted to cozy up at home and do the safe avoidance thing. The other whatever on my shoulder was telling me, "But what about everything you might miss, what if you wake up and check facebook on Saturday and see all these awesome pictures and think oh shit why didn't I go!?" I went back in forth all day. Seriously. Melia told me she could write a Nurses note saying I had H1N1. My Aunt told me I'd be crazy to not go, I had to go. My Mom thought it would be cool to skip after having organized it. I knew Matt would be happy to skip. Oy.
Why am I so double sided? Why is it that I like to be the center of attention, and also like to avoid, skip, cancel and cuddle up safely at home? I'm an introvert with mega extrovert skills, that's why. Thanks SARK!
Anyway, this is supposed to be short so I can actually get in to bed, made much easier given the Saints just scored again. I went to the reunion. It was good, I'm glad I went. I let the buzz of a Scorpion Bowl make me say something I probably shouldn't have, no drama just silly. I saw people I was happy to see, I felt a little awkward around people I expected to and I left a little early so I could run home and put on my PJs. Phew. Moral of the story? I can have both, I can't quite have my cake and eat it too (Why didn't I just invite everyone to my Mom's house!?) but I can put my neck out and be uncomfortable and happy that I experienced something and still get home in time to feel warm, safe and happy on my Mom's couch.

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