Tuesday, October 6


A friend told me that to train herself to get up in the morning and write she just started setting her alarm a little bit earlier everyday. She probably told me this a few months ago. It just sunk in what a brilliant idea it is and exactly what I need to do to start making morning work outs part of my routine. It also donned on me, that she is doing this so she can write in the mornings and I would do it to exercise in the mornings. I guess that's where my priorities lie right now. I enjoy writing, I think I'm good at writing, I go through phases of focused writing. Right now, I'm not placing it in my top priorities. This is way having blogs, yes multiple, is a wonderful thing. I can still keep writing in my life.

Sometimes I feel guilty about my priority list. I shouldn't do that. It isn't worth it. When I'm ready. Life is short, and you should live each day to its fullest, but I also feel that you shouldn't live each day as a test of how much you can do and accomplish to make yourself be the person you think you want to be, or should be, or others want you to be. Living in the present means being present. This is turning in to a post of cliches, so before it does I'll sign off. And go live by going to bed. A girl needs her sleep!

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