Tuesday, November 11

Running, Testing and being Sick

I've been trying to post daily lately, and feel bad that the last few days have been lacking.
A quick synopsis since I should go back to laying on the couch trying to get better but instead getting restless and doing things like cleaning the shower.

I've been eating a lot of cupcakes lately, it needs to stop
I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes- and now I'm sore. It was a race, not a leisure run!
I got sick basically immediately after finishing the race, guess my body wants me to slow down
I love soup when I'm sick, and dipping bread in the soup- yum I need lunch.
I have been taking a bunch of tests, personality and otherwise over the last 3 days for a potential job- they are HARD! I sit at the computer staring and thinking I'm stupid and what if I ruin my chances and thus psych myself out. Maybe that's why I'm bad at standardized tests. They are mostly personality based so hopefully it tells them that I will be a super star employee. I talk with a psychologists tomorrow about my results.
I love cats, I do, and although I would never ever want one given what they do to my husband, I still am sad that I don't have one to cuddle up with in bed/on the couch right now.
Seriously, as I was typing this Matt was hissing at the cat who sometimes is on our fire escape(We think he lives next door).
I really want a job before thanksgiving.

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Unknown said...

LMAO at the image of Matt on the fire escape hissing at a cat. LOVE IT!!!!