Saturday, November 1

Happy Halloween

Much like last year we took the opportunity to see Ryan Adams on Halloween. Unlike last year he played in a venue with ticketed seats, a joy for me.
He started the show with songs from his new album, many of them softer and slower, but sweet and easy to listen to. I found myself just zoning out in the music, perking up when I recognized a song, but generally letting myself get lost in the moments of playing through songs. I was thinking of other things, but not in an anxious run of brain way, just thoughtful. As the set came to a close and we headed for the bathrooms Matt and I both commented on how easy it was to just sit and listen to him. The second set was rocking, he played song after song with no breaks in between and really put everything he had into the songs. I perked up and focused on the words, the songs, their meanings.
Leaving the venue I thought back to the year prior. I had a job, I was planning my wedding, and things were going the way I wanted. However, the concert made me miserable and I think in general I was unhappy in my own skin. This year, I don't have a job, the economy is in shambles which doesn't help me find a job, and I don't get to be planning my wedding anymore (sadly for me since I enjoyed it so much). However, despite that all I'm really happy, and the concert was great.
Maybe it says something about being able to enjoy these moments when you are enjoying yourself. Or more simply it is because I didn't have to deal with annoying people being in my way of the show and having to be on my feet for 3 hours.
Either way, it was a kick ass show.

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