Sunday, April 13

Thursday & Saturday

8:00- Woke up, went for a run, felt great after
10:00- Arrived at work, attempted to focus on something for 2 hours
12:45- Arrived at Doctor and felt like butterflies were eating my stomach
12:45-1:15- Had easy and stress free appointment where the Doctor told me why she went in to the field she did, that I was as healthy as can be, that there was absolutely nothing to worry about, and laughed at my jokes.
6:30- Had a fantastic wine tasting event where everyone laughed, drank, ate and had a merry time
9:00- Got home and feel in to bed, happy, anxiety free and excited, finally, for the weekend to come.

Caught up with a friend, picked invitations, ran a good race, settled and decided on lots of details for the reception, picked specialty wines, finally met my florist and got to see a friends new lovely house!

Here's to Monday- may this be an easy, lovely, stress free week... for everyone.

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