Friday, April 18

Pope and other Mania

The evening was so lovely, a walk to the West Side through the park, camera in tow to capture the cherry blossoms along the bridle path that I'm gaga over right now. We ate at a favorite place on the Upper West Side and decided during dinner to take the rest of the evening slow instead of rushing to see a movie. We'd treat ourselves to cupcakes at a nearby bakery and then stroll home through a dark and quiet park. We did just that, and it was perfect. As we neared East 72nd we realized how close we were to Pope central.
The scene was pretty wild. More emergency, police and surveillance vehicles than I could see on a weekend of Cop show Marathons. Lights, rising bullet proof watch towers, a lot of satellites raised off of trucks, many men sitting in vans watching TV, their ears trained to emergency radios. 72nd St was lit up like Times Square. Intense, and fun, to see the action, take in the "big deal" that exists just 20 blocks below us.
As we were discussing religion, life and love on the way back up Madison, my phone rang.
"860?" I said at a number I didn't recognize.
"Connecticut" Matt said.
I expected it to be my Dad's cousin calling about Passover plans tomorrow. It wasn't.
I don't want to and can't get in to it here. Needless to say, sometimes you just don't want to have information you do, and just knowing bites you in the ass. Stressful? yes. Annoying? yes. But something I need to be reminded of, and something that will help me develop and make me a better person for going through it. I just need to remind myself, that I'm not in the wrong and it will all be okay. The person calling ended the call with, "I know this isn't a nice way to start a weekend." No, definitely not a nice way to start a weekend. Writing it out is my final step of "letting it go" so to speak, and that I will. I shall let it go, and enjoy my crazy family filled Saturday and hopefully lovely and park filled Sunday.

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Sastep3 said...

I hope your weekend went well. It's difficult to let things go sometimes, but very important that we do. The best of luck to you. And enjoy spring-time in New York. I've heard that it's "to die for".