Tuesday, November 14


Today via emails I backed out of triva on Tuesday to do spinning instead... and then said as a side note- I got all my bills this weekend and I really can't afford to go play trivia somewhere and end up spending $25 on a meal and beer I don't need to spend $25 on. I apologized with, "I hate using the money excuse". The friend responded with, no use it- I frankly need to use it more often, because its true.

A few hours later, still via emails still with the same friend I talked about thinking I may need closed toed shoes to wear to the event I'm going to for work this weekend. I already had the dress, but it was meant to be worn this summer and never was so the strappy open toed shoes I had bought to go with it probably won't work for a mid November event. I searched on Zappos- found some for $80 and contemplated paying $15 to have them shipped 2nd day to me. Then I got smart and decided to go to the mall after work, and still spent $80 on shoes, and $2 on parking, I had to have for the event this weekend, because open toed just wouldn't be right. I'll try them out tomorrow to break them in a bit, although they were surprisingly comfortable in the store, and maybe I've finally started to break my feet into heels. I promised that if they don't go with the dress I'll return them, and that I'll wear them a ton after the event. There's always a way to convince yourself you need something... doesn't that happen with all addictions? Yes, I admit it, I have a bit of a shopping addiction- but check them out... aren't they great?

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