Tuesday, November 14

Web Cool Hunting

Work has been somewhat slow lately, and I've been exploring a lot of websites... Some of them are pretty neat and I wanted to share... a web form of cool hunting!

1. Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets :

This website is so fun. It keeps you updated on all the fun gadgets, toys, ideas, etc that women who enjoy technology and being women will love. I visit it almost daily, and while I don't often buy anything they talk about- its still fun to keep up on the technology trends, and who knows maybe give you some good gift ideas!

2. Hungry Girl :

I found this site through another blog I read and now get their daily emails. It combines the need that women feel to diet and look good with the reality of how hard that can be when you love food! Some of her recipes are really brilliant and fun to try, and she also introduces great new products, like True Lemon and True Lime which I adore. The emails are fun to get everyday, especially the ones where the review different diet products and give you the real deal on if they're worth the reduced calories/fat/etc.

3. Yelp! :

Yelp is a great site to use when searching for reviews on restaurants, doctors, stores, mechanics, etc. It is real reviews from real people telling you what they really think! I love it. If you click on the link above you can see all the reviews I've done, and then just search from there to find anything in the Boston, New York or any other major metropolitan area. Enjoy- and if you sign up to start reviewing, make sure to request me as a friend!

The next few websites are other blogs I visit daily, multiple times to see if they're updated. They are on my blog roll but I figure, why not give an explanation?

4. Pink is the New Blog:

A work friend turned me on to this site when I caught her looking it one day, and was like ooh what is that? Its celebrity gossip (so if that's not your thing, just close the window) mixed in with some humor and some tales of Trent's own life. He's funny, real and gives me my daily dose of celebrity gossip- perfect.

5. Greek Tragedy:

Dad pointed an article in the New York Times about Stephanie Klein out to me once a couple of years ago, and about 4 months later I wanted to read more- so I found her blog and have been glued to it ever since. I don't know what it is, most other bloggers don't keep me intrigued that long- its like blog reading ADD- but I'm drawn to Stephanie's story, her life, where she's going and what she's doing and I keep reading and checking for updates. She recently wrote her first book, which I will buy when it comes out on paperback because I really dislike hardcopies, and is now working on a pilot- so its not just me that likes her writing. I really encourage you to check her out, especially if as your reading my blog you get some blog reading ADD...

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