Tuesday, July 4

Independence Day

I spent today alone. It was kind of nice. A lot of my perspectives have changed in the last two months, and this may mark a pretty drastic one. Usually I'm all about having a day to myself to wake up when I want and do as I please. I however have never felt the same about holidays. I want plans with family or friends, a place to go and people to see. I wouldn't want to go back to work and have to say, oh I spent it alone while everyone talks of the fun things they did. Today was different though. I took the day slowly and did whatever I wanted. Sure I felt a little sad in moments, but it wasn't because I was alone, it was because right now I'm sad a lot. It felt good to just go out and do "my own thing". I took the day in one moment at a time and never once regretted being alone. I even got trapped in one of the downpours in a white shirt and I didn't care, I just came home and changed.The only negative thing that may come out of spending this day alone is that other people may feel sorry for me, but don't. Please don't. A lot of figuring out where life is going to take me now is figuring it out on my own. Today was my independence day, there may not have been fireworks but I'm still celebrating.

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