Tuesday, July 18

Water World

Why is it that living on the water is so appealing? I know its not just me, either. As Jaimie and I were lounging on deck chairs lake front this past week she mentioned a recent conversation with a roommate of hers (they have an ocean front apartment) about if they'd rather have waterfront property at the ocean or a lake. I immediately said lake. And I don't know why.

I've grown up with lakes as the visited body of water, yet oceans have been prominent too. My grandparents live near the ocean and visits there meant visits to the ocean, sailing, swimming in a salt water pool. I never complained. And yet, lakes are much more appealing. The calm you get just before sunset, the inky darkness of the water at night, the vast stretches of tree lined shores offering possibilities beyond the water, the feeling of being under, within, among the water when you first dive in.

Maybe my preference for lakes stems back to a summer vacation spent in Bethany Beach, Delaware. It was just after their hurricanes had come through and the waves were huge. I being a fearless child was thrilled to have such large waves to jump into and swim through coming out victorious, wet and salty on the other side. Unfortunately one afternoon I stood ready for the wave (to my young viewpoint it seems 15 feet tall in my memory) that was heading our way, but I misjudged and jumped too late. I was turned and flipped within the waves rip tide and spun out on my head in the end. As I stood up to catch my breath and determine how scared I was (do I go back for more laughing, or run looking for my mom) another wave knocked me over and flipped me around again. I went crying for my mom and didn't go back in that year or the next.

The ocean seems wild and unpredictible to me. Lakes too have mystery in them, and yet its a peaceful one that doesn't exhibit through yearly storms, posionus tides and large fish. Their waters are frequently calm and inviting, and I already have enough wildness in my life, I've dealt with more than one wave flipping me over and landing me on my head, I need the lake side retreat to balance me out. So- have a house you want to donate?

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