Sunday, July 2

Winds of Change?

Is it cliche... to point out how windy it is today, and perhaps it means there is change coming? Does every day mark a day of change? Maybe because its so windy today, it feels like something really is moving... changing. Have I even answered my question? Oh well.

Today the winds of change are truly blowing wild and free. I hope its change for the good that they are bringing, but I feel lately its only change for the worse. And, for some reason the winds make me feel optimistic again. Like they are blowing away all the bad, all the saddness, all the "things just keep getting worseness" and bringing in something new. New air, to breathe and take in, a new outlook on life and loss. Maybe it really is just every day bringing change. Everyday helps you move on, everyday there is a little bit of wind to change the air, change the mood, change the path.

Well I'll just keep sitting here rocking on the porch and let the wind fall over me, blow around me, fall onto me, and hope that the change they're bringing is good.

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