Saturday, February 11


Sitting at my desk yesterday I saw a peek of something outside my window and when I looked again I realized it was a plastic bag, floating through the air. As I continued looking out the window I noticed more bags, just floating in the wind, above the buildings around mine. Usually when we see something interesting out our floor to ceiling windows, the cubes perk up and we chat about what we're watching, awwing if its a dog, laughing if its an interesting South End character. This time I stayed quiet. I figured, maybe this is something just I can appreciate. Then I thought about American Beauty, when they are watching the video of the plastic bag dancing in the breeze. Even watching that I realized the depth of the message, how you can find beauty in so many small things, how even trash floating around in the air is beautiful.
Is it the somewhat mystifying image of something that can't fly doing so? Is it the secret that you may be the only one seeing it? There is something beautiful about it, floating in the air, you sitting behind a window watching, and it just floating there hanging on to the breeze that's filled it, rising again after its been tossed out. I won't go too deep, but it was a lovely moment. Sitting at my desk, figuring out which task to take on next and just looking out the window focused instead on this little vision of what someone else threw out turned into what someone else was finding beautiful.

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