Friday, January 27


Its safe to say that Spinning is still a pretty big "movement", "trend", etc. I know some people might be annoyed with it,
"what's the big deal?"
"Who cares? its just biking?"
"Spinners need to get over themselves"
I'm here to vouch for it.
The first time I tried spinning I had just found out that a beloved great aunt had died. I was pretty shaken up, but at work so I couldn't really express it. I had already planned to head to spinning after work as my workout- thank god. I'm sure if I hadn't already committed to going with a friend I would have skipped it headed home and been bummed out and depressed all night. Instead I was in this dark, cool room with loud base pumping an instructor yelling and all I had to do was move my legs. I could completely zone out and just sweat everything out, release. It was exactly what I needed. I was still extremely sad, but I had spun through a lot of the initial emotions that often cause you to check out as you process them. And, I had a found a great new workout. I felt exhausted, excited and refreshed.
I find that every time I go the feeling is the same. Thrill from getting through a hard workout, refreshed emotionally and physically, exhausted in that really good way, excited- the endorphins speeding around my head.
I also find that every time I go the feelings before are completely different. That's the most wonderful thing about it. I can go in feeling excited to spin, or completely exhausted or like I'm getting sick, or even in no mood at all to be in the class. At the end its always the same- I feel wonderful. Even if after I leave something comes up that really annoys me- I'll get annoyed for a moment and then all of a sudden find myself back in a great mood- those endorphins really do the trick.

So, clearly I went spinning tonight- and you know what I really didn't want to... but now as you can read... I'm so glad I did.

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