Sunday, January 29

The Space Behind the Bed

While I was changing my sheets today I pulled my bed out from the wall and stumbled upon a bit of a junkyard of stuff that had been pushed behind the bed. 3 tshirts I had misplaced and wondered what had happend too- always thinking they must be in the laundry, never noticing they didn't come back from the wash-, 2 half empty bottles of seltzer, 2 hairbands- is that where all the ones I lose go?, a pair of shoes I bought cheap but they were fabulous and I still haven't found an outfit to wear them with, and a lot of dust. Finding this stuff made me think a couple of things.
Should I pull my bed out from the wall more often and check to see what's been lost? What else have I hidden into corners to be forgettn until I move? And, maybe I should vacuum behind there more often.
I also recently stumbled upon MySpace and reconnected with friends from HighSchool. Friends that I assumed I'd run back into someday, but never have the connection we're hopefully re-building now. Who and what else is out there waiting for me to "refind" (yes I'm quite aware that I just made up a word).
What relationships can I rekindle? What shirts I can really put in the wash and add back into the wardrobe cycle?
Maybe someday all those socks I lost in the dryer will reappear in The Space Behind another bed. I know I'll keep looking.

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