Friday, January 27


My head is so foggy. I seriously can't concentrate on one thing for very long. I've got a head cold. ugh. I felt it coming on last night, and went to spinning to try to work it out, and maybe I should have loaded up on Vitamin C last night and taken a couple echinacea- but maybe I also wanted to get the cold.

I was walking through the office earlier and thinking, maybe sometimes you need the cold to slow you down and force you to be sick and rest and get all the crap out of your system. Kate used to always get wicked colds at the end of volleyball season- and it was always the way she would finally slow down and take a break. Its the only way your body can get you to stop sometimes- because just thinking I should slow down doesn't always work... actually hardly ever. We're so good at convincing ourselves to keep pushing on, and crap at letting ourselves get the rest we deserve.

I'm sure a Dr. would say no you get a cold when you catch a bug not because your body is taking over the reins- but my head is just cloudy enough to convince myself its true. So, I'm going to probably be sick this weekend, and maybe I'll have to call in Monday- but after I've rested and gone through the sickness and its all out of my body, I'll be better for it.


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