Tuesday, October 27

Not to say I'm not a little Crazy...

I think I need to give myself a prize at the end of this two weeks, if we come out of it with the outcome I'm hopeful of, that is. And then I think, the next 2 months of my life might be like this. Then I kind of cry a little, and then grumble, and then want to hide under the covers. Thankfully, I finish this process with reminding myself that I have tools at my disposal. One of my go to's for the past month has been running. I've been writing about it a lot over here. Last Wednesday was a rough day and I came home really wanting to whine, lay on the couch ignoring life via TV watching and whine some more. I went running instead and came back in the door for the 2nd time that night feeling renewed. The same thing happened tonight.
When people ask me about running, especially when people marvel at the distances I've run I always throw in a, "It keeps me sane!" Because, seriously, it does. Also keeping me sane, my awesome Husband, fantastic friends and family I can bounce everything off of. (Also that was a great way to give some props via links- go on and click on them people!)
But back to running. There is something so healing in the pounding of my feet on the pavement, the feeling of the air on my face and how easily I can move through my thoughts and get to a place where I feel steady and strong and ready to face what the world throws at me, good and bad and everything in between.
Those endorphins it releases, they are powerful, and key tools for me to remember to use as I head further in to this time they call, being an adult.

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