Friday, August 14


The light ripples and reflects off the water in a way unlike anything else. It feels clean and inviting against my hot skin. I sit and I watch and I don't need to do anything else. The hum of people present, they join in our vigil of taking in what surrounds us, and they come back year after year to replenish.
I see the Birch Bark Cross that stood next to us as we wed and I feel nostalgic and happy and blessed that it was here.
I lift my arms and pull the water away, feeling strong and ready and warm enveloped by this body.
I pump my legs against petals and pavement and take in the green pastures and tall trees.
I eat the bounty of the season, hand picked from long skinny boats.
I sleep deeply and easily.
I feel replenished and full, and then I drive away and think of my return immediately.

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