Sunday, July 12

Sunday Afternoon

Oh Hi there. I've thought about posting many times these past few weeks. But then those times got full with other things. Like dinners with friends, runs with friends, dinner with in-laws and visiting friends, lunch with friends, more exercise with friends and without. You know, life.
My life has been full lately, and it feels great, but sometimes you just need a break. Which I did at the end of this week, and you know what was great? I had a CFW. I spent it sleeping in, running errands, cooking, laying on the couch and walking around in this gorgeous weather with my gorgeous husband. It was great.
Now I'm in that zone of Sunday afternoon. You know the one. When the weather is nice, and you've spend some time outside and now you're relaxing inside and it feels lazy and great and you don't want it to ever end. That's why I love Sundays. But I also hate them, when 7:00 or 8:00 pm rolls around and the reality of the Weekend being over, and your lazy Sunday afternoon being over sinks in. I don't like that feeling.
What I do like, is my job. A lot. So I'm happy to head in to work on Monday morning with a full plate of things to do that enrich me, teach me and motivate me. That's a feeling I can get used to. At the same time, after reading this weeks Modern Love this morning, I kind of want to retire now too. And then at the same time after seeing UP on Friday night, Matt doesn't ever want to get old. I guess we'll just keep plugging along, lapping up our Sunday afternoons together and see what happens, huh?

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