Sunday, November 16


It is tough out there. The job postings are fewer and much further between. I'm not getting weekly calls from recruiters. I haven't been on an interview in a month. The company I was laid off from, just decreased the size again by 60 more people. Part of me is thankful I was in the first wave of people. I've had a leg up on the market, and I didn't have to be a part of a company that was continuing to circle the drain. I never had to have survivors guilt, I got to just leave and enjoy a lot of my time off.
I am curious about the people who were let go with an interesting level of fascination. Part of me is happy they know what it feels like now. I want to know all the details because I still feel a piece of myself is involved, and because I want to be. Don't forget about us, the people who left 3 months ago! Another part of me feels really badly for them, and wants to give me them all the nitty gritty details of what its like and what to expect. It is like I'm the survivor now. Because I have survived, I will survive.
Oy- I just heard the NFL pregame show hosts talk about a little boy diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks ago who was given 2 weeks to live and his dying wish was to feed the homeless so the Seattle Seahawks have gotten behind him to help. That certainly puts things in perspective.

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