Thursday, August 14


I've been horrible at blogging lately. Lots of stuff going on, as evident from my previous post.
Last weekend I got to escape it all in the lovely company of dear friends and the Long Island Wine Region. The green grass, grape trees, blue sky and bright white fluffy clouds gave me a much needed day of relaxation. The wine helped too.
Sunday I found myself depressed. Partially because the weekend was over, partially because I had to go back to reality.
This week wasn't easy either. Although I had two interviews, which makes me feel good about my job search and marketability as a candidate. Work was weird though, I felt odd being there, being a part of meetings where they are talking about things they need to learn from me and at the same time about the future of the company and jobs. I want to care and help, but I also don't want to. I'm also upset, and angry and annoyed at the whole situation.
I put on a happy face, I smile and say I'm looking at the silver lining- and I am. Doesn't mean the situation doesn't suck and it is totally weird to be at the company. I feel bad for the people staying on even longer.
It will be interesting to hear about how things are for the team after all 4 of us are gone and the work load remains somewhat the same.
I'll miss the people I work with and have forged relationships with. Although I wasn't there as long as I was at Shawmut- there is something to be said about the fact that 2 people from Shawmut are coming to the wedding. You become a huge part of someone's life when you work closely with them. Sometimes you see the people you work with more than your family, and it is always hard to say goodbye.
Change is always hard, and this month is full of it.

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megabrooke said...

hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. so cool that you used to live near (in?) portsmouth. lots of cool little shops and ahem, bars around there. i love it. where are you now?

good luck with the job search and finishing up at your current job. change is never easy... but at least with it, comes new, and hopefully exciting? and enriching opportunities.

all the best to you.