Wednesday, August 6

Stormy Weather

So about two years ago, and let's be honest- a year ago- my family was a bit of a shit storm. With good reason, of course.
But as they always do, things evened out and we went back to our new normal and times were good. There were deaths, and births and weddings to be planned, the normal life event stuff.
Lately, and maybe it was right around the time of the NH Tornado, things have taken to spinning a bit out of control. The good, and the bad.
The other night while contemplating all of this with Mom she shared how my Brother had described it, we're in a shit tornado. (I hope you're not reading this over a meal)

Just a quick list:
major death in both families resulting in some major depression
3 people in our lives with cancer, two of them dying actively from it
major lay offs resulting in my job being cut
A slow economy while Matt searches for a job post Law school
Good friends going through breakups

Wedding and Hawaii in just over 3 weeks
New and positive relationships in our lives
3 more weddings to attend and help plan in the next year
Weight loss

It is all flying around us, quickly and it is so darn weird. I feel so good about so many things, and yet so sad and confused and hurt about so many other. What the fuck?
At least this time we've done nothing really to cause the shit tornado, we're not the crazy ones, we're just stuck with the clean up.

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