Sunday, June 8

Packing It In

I feel like I did a ton today and it is only 7:30, although that Sunday evening dread is starting to get to me a little bit, but seriously- even actually saying all we did today out loud doesn't remind me that it wasn't that much after all, that's how I know we really did pack in a lot on this hot hot Sunday:

Walk to West Side
Run 5K, and then drink lots and lots of water- thank god they had ice cold washclothes to give us- brilliant move on their part
Walk back to East Side
Have Brunch
Call Relatives
Do Law School Work (That one wasn't me)
Watch Yankee Game (Partially during my nap)
Clean Toilet
See "Zohan"
Grocery Shop

And now I'm going to make dinner. Niiice.

PS: I discovered today that we now get HGTV HD. I'm super pumped. If the Celts weren't on tonight I'd totally be tuned to that.

PPS: I'm slowly but surely editing and posting all my CA pictures on Flikr- click on the Widget on the right side of the page to go to them. It was QUITE lovely.

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