Tuesday, April 8


What an anxious week this is turning out to be. So much uncertainty, well not really that much- but too much for this hyper-planning mind of mine. Is it Sunday yet?
Part of the problem is all the anxiety inducing "stuff" is on Thursday- a day so far in to the week that Monday and Tuesday although relaxed and easy, have been filled with stressful thoughts of Thursday. I haven't even enjoyed the chill time. I was so anxious last night I stayed up until 1 finishing a silly chic lit book, just to do something to occupy my racing mind.

And as I ease in to the remainder of my evening tonight, I'm looking forward to Wednesday even less, why can't it just be Thursday already?
Maybe if I plan my day out a bit it will help.

8:00 AM Wake up- Work out
10:00 AM Arrive at work
12:15 PM go to Doctor
2:00 PM Arrive back at work? (Here's where the stress begins, I don't know if I'll be back by then..)
6:30 PM Have wine tasting I've organized go off without a hitch

See, see that, those 4 hours where I have to go buy all the food for the tasting and do my work, that is if I have those 4 hours at all. My Doctor's appointment may run long, my Doctor's appointment may involve something invasive that deters me from even being able to go back to work.


My lovely future husband just brought me a Klonopin. Thank God. I won't even get in to the fact that I'm running in a 5K on Saturday which in and of itself causes me anxiety. (Doesn't matter the race, the reason or my preparedness I get anxious)


Sastep3 said...

Good luck.

Sastep3 said...

Adrienne, I would like to invite you to post on a blog I just created. The title is The World's Best Books. The current list..."You can't call yourself American unless you have read..."
You may not have anything to say, but I thought you might.

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling about Thursday. I think all will be cool and you'll beat me by 20 seconds in the race on Saturday.

Sastep3 said...
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Unknown said...

I hope everything went ok on Thursday. (((hug)))