Thursday, January 31

Vicious Cycle

You get depressed, so you eat because that comforts you in the moment. Then you feel bloated and fat for days, and get more depressed so any motivation, or momentum of getting "back on track" with your healthy eating (really, it's not a diet, I do want to change my eating habits) loses steam and you eat more, and then you are more depressed. OY
So- what else can you do? You exercise! Back in spinning on Tuesdays with a kick ass instructor, that will get you back on track. But then Wednesday you get a migraineish weird headache and go home and hide from the gym. But Thursday, oh Thursday you are back on track- you decided with a co-worker to go spinning every Thursday, you can't let her down- you head to spinning, excited at the prospect of having spun twice in one week, especially since you ate fries after Tuesdays session...
But then during the class your legs loose steam, you feel totally drained and your eyes just want to close. You try and kick yourself back in to action- but to no avail, you're wiped. Although you get through the session, walking home brings thoughts of comfort food, ooh like Chinese which the restaurant you're walking by right now serves and those Scallion Pancakes are calling your name.
The cycle is slowing though, you can feel it- your back in it, almost there, even though it is national popcorn day you aren't making any!

Maybe I should replace those yous with I's, eh?

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I've totally been there.