Thursday, July 26

The Wind in my Hair

I was a bit chilly when we climbed into the cab on Monday night, but I left the window most of the way down. I love the feeling of moving fast through the city streets, the windows down, the wind in my hair and on my face. It is admittedly one of my favorite parts of taking cabs at night.
We were stop and go on 6th for a bit, but as soon as we hit the park and the cab turned left on Park, we were off. I put my head back and turned my face to the open window. I felt calm, at peace, happy to be in that moment. I reached my hand across the seat and Matt took it. He was in the moment too. It really hit me that this was my life, and I was happy. I was in a city I love, with the man I love and the wind was flying across my face and through my hair, I felt alive. I didn't want it to end, but as we exited the cab, Matt took my hand again and we walked slowly down our block still a bit entranced.
And then, in front of our first place together, he made the moment even longer by getting down on one knee and opening a box to a sparkling diamond ring. And I said yes. Of course. And there were kisses and, "Oh my god we're engaged!"
As he walked me around the block to help us come back to reality he gave me something my Father had written in January of 2006 at my parents annual New Years Eve party. It was his prediction for the year and it said, Adrienne will get a ring. Maybe it was a little late, but I did, and he was there, full blessing and all.

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