Saturday, July 28

Cool Hunting- Restaurant Week

Week 1- 1 Restaurant, Lunch Menu
Morimoto- Fast seating, fast service. Lovely soup and salad, loved the dressing with crunchy scallions. I got the chicken, curious and thinking it would be interesting. Matt got the Chef's Sushi Sampler. Everything was uninspired. I was hoping for much more. Sure it was good, and it was fast, but come on- its Morimoto- Iron Chef- give me something good! The decor was (although I'll sound nerdy) really really cool. Worth the trip for the bathrooms for sure- although the heated seats were broken. I'd go back to try some rolls, but wish I was given more incentive. Out of 10- 7.

Week 2- 4 (yes 4) Restaurants, all Dinner Menu

One if By Land- Two if By Sea- Beautiful. I walked in and immediately loved it. We were seated upstairs and it was warm and cozy. Each table has its own white candlestick and two fragrant roses. Great touch. The brick was dark and warm, the carpet a deep burgundy, so dark and elegant. When I got up at one point and walked downstairs towards the rest room a waiter on the stairs held out his hand and made sure I got down the stairs with ease- classy. Every dish was lovely and delicious. I got the sea bass and Matt got the chicken. The sea bass was soft, moist and light with delicious tapanade. The chicken was tender and flavorful and served with lovely whipped potatoes. The raspberry sorbet was fantastic, I adored it. Really. Out of 10- 10.

Tribeca Grill- Good, solid meal and a nice atmosphere. The rolls were chewy and warm, the beet salad light with sweet baby beets. I got the Sea Bass (again, I know, nothing else I liked offered) it had a nice light flavor and was against moist and perfectly prepared. Matt got the Ravioli which was packed and mushroomy (I don't like mushrooms). Others at the table got the beef dish- it was packed with well paired flavors and moist- yum. I had the panacotta for dessert- light and sweet, a good ending to a good meal. Given the price it won't be worth returning for me, but its a good place over all. One note- in the handicap bathroom on the first floor- the paper towels were dispensed at the top of the dispenser- way out of reach of many handicap patrons...hmm. Out of 10-8

Mesa Grill- Started with a yummy peach margarita- definitely recommend it. This place had the worst service over all. The hostess was a bit snobby and we were not seated promptly (at the 4 other restaurants, all pleasant and prompt). Our waiter then ignored us most of the night and we hardly got our water filled and when we did it was room temp. I had the chopped salad and tried the tortilla soup- both good and light enough for an appetizers. We all had the chicken. It was yummy and moist- very Texas (fitting). The blue corn tortilla with basil butter was the highlight for me. The dessert was a bit off putting for me, and not that inspired. I had the peach short cake and others the chocolate cake- and all were so so. Overall, I was underwhelmed and wouldn't head back there. Out of 10-5.

Kobe Club- I walked by it 3 times before I found it. I guess they want to be cave like- and they achieve. This place has such cool decor. I loved it. The knife ceiling- awesome. The light fixtures, warm and interesting. The way they give you the check- so cool. I tried pretty much everything on the menu. All delicious. The raviloi- so flavorful and a good saltiness- I love salt. The tartare, so fresh it was tasteless, perfect. The 50 year old aged balsamic- yummy with perfectly ripe tomatoes. I had the chicken, the portion was huge and it was tender and nicely flavored. The two beef dishes were moist and flavorful, I don't love beef- but everyone at the table raved. We tried the mashed potatoes (leek and wasabi) both were so smooth and yummy and the wasabi had just enough bite. We also tried the peas and pearls- they as Matt said, "Taste like good peas" Well- yeah. The berry's and creme were a perfect ending to the meal. I think I enjoyed Kobe club the best- such a great atmosphere. The only bad thing- they tried too hard with the bathrooms and they are just weird. Having to press a foot pedal to run the faucet? Needing the strength of a brute man to close and open the doors? Come on. Out of 10- 9.

So there you have- my crazy full restaurant week. I know, I know, it's over now and you can't try them at the reduced cost. But keep this post in mind for the return of restaurant week in the Winter! And if you need a great restaurant to go to and are willing to pay full price- I highly recommend One if by Land-Two if by Sea or Kobe Club.

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