Saturday, January 20

We Live In

A lot of inspirations come to me when I'm driving. This night was no different. I pulled up to a stop light and looked instinctively to my right. It was a car dealership, a man was sitting at his desk- facing the floor to ceiling windows. He had a focused look on his face, his mouth often moving as he read the words on the computer screen in front of him. There were two empty chairs in front of the desk, potential clients would someday sit in them. To the left of him was a chair with his jacket thrown over it, I pictured a busy day when all three chairs were used and his jacket was probably shoved under his desk rather than hung on a rack somewhere in the building. His tie was too tight and I wondered why it hadn't been loosened already, the work day was over. Or maybe there were clients about to walk through to the door to sign the agreement he was drafting. He looked to his left, at the paper copy of what he was typing I assumed. Writing it all out in long hand first, as I did with this entry, writing quickly at future stop lights so I could remember my thoughts at that moment, so I could accurately capture it here, so he could accurately write up the numbers that had been agreed upon days earlier at a quick stop in to browse that turned into a purchase, a "We'll come back later this week to sign."I wondered why he never realized I was watching him, the light was long and my eyes were locked. Too focused on the work in front of him, driven by the possibility of sale, his tight tie driving him to finish so he could pick the jacket up hours later, loosen the tie and head home. Coldplay's "Beautiful World" came on the radio and the light changed to green. I pictured him standing up, his white man-tailored shirt a little too tight around his belly, his tie straightened, shaking hands fervently with the incoming soon to be owners. Them thinking their world would be a bit more beautiful with a new car.

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