Tuesday, January 9


I said I wasn't going to make a resolution this year. I actually said to a group of people, I'm resolving to not make a resolution. One of them smartly replied, "That's a resolution". Okay, so it kind of is... but then I got to thinking about really making one.

Last year I resolved to try a new restaurant every month. I was really on track until April. I found some great new restaurants too, the Ivy was probably my favorite find. Maybe it was last years resolution getting stomped on by the enormous life change that made me not want to make one this year. Maybe it is that I just want to live each day and not worry about fulfilling a resolution. Maybe I've already resolved myself to too many changes and newness this year.

Sunday evening I was doing nothing around the apartment and realized I hadn't turned the TV on. Usually when I have an evening to do nothing the TV is on in the background. I decided, I watch too much TV and I have a stack of 5 books on my nightstand that I want to read. I determined my resolution would be to read more. So, as my starting point here is what I'm reading and why... maybe it won't only motivate me to dig in and read these books, but motivate some of you out there to find a great book, turn off the TV and dive in.

Downtown- I started reading this book last year, it got me through many Lucky Star bus trips to NY. It inspires me to explore my new city and has already gotten me excited at the wonderful place I'm moving to and all the possibilities its held for so many people.

Banishing Verona- I love Margot Livesy's writing. She brings characters to life in such interesting ways and has a really great style of creating quirky characters that you can really buy into.

Kaddish- This books captures not only the mourning process and where it can take you, but its a similar style to what I want to write and maybe publish someday about losing my father and where it took me

Inside Every Woman- I'm reading this for a bzz campaign, it did inspire me to start writing the above mentioned book, but mostly I read it as my "light" reading and to look for some tidbits I can take away.

There are many more on my shelves, and recommendations that have come my way. Hopefully regardless of where this year takes me its a resolution I can keep!

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