Saturday, April 1

A Spring State of Mind

I just switched over to a screen in one of my bedroom windows, so I could let the Spring air in. I'm so glad its finally here. This is the day I love- the day when it really truly feels like Spring is coming. The day they predicted would be gloomy and bring thunderstorms- not spring thunderstorms, spring isn't here yet thunderstorms- is sunny, with clouds yes- but springy clouds, and warm and the breeze it is just so Spring.

Tomorrow we change the clocks- spring forward. I don't enjoy losing an hour of sleep in the morning, but gaining that extra hour of light is magnificent. When it started to stay light for my drive home from work I was happy, but now I can go to the gym, stop and get dinner and it will still be light when I drive home. That is Spring.

Its still cool in my apartment, the sun hasn't fully seeped in yet, I think it will take a couple more weeks for it to warm up. But when I come home from walks hot from the weather, I can still cool off here. I know I'll be complaining about it being hot in my apartment in a couple of months, so I suppose I can enjoy the coolness now.

Everyone is out doors. I walked through Porter Square yesterday and everyone was outdoors. People are walking down my normally quiet street, they're sitting on sidewalks chatting, talking on porches as their children play on bikes. The postman is even wearing shorts. Guys are tuning up their bikes. Its SPRING.

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