Monday, March 27

I believe in...

The feeling of home.

The comfort I get when I drive up the road and see a car in the driveway and a light on upstairs. Knowing, that when I walk in the door it will be just like its always been and if there are any changes I will have helped make them, been instrumental in their making so they'll still feel like home. The delight I feel showing it off to others, this is where I was raised, this is where I come home. How easy the drive home is, although I dislike driving and I hate sitting in traffic, it never feels like too much. How simple things seem when at home.

The feeling after a good nap.

That I'm completely relaxed and at peace in that moment. The taste in your mouth when you wake up. How completely comfortable I am no matter what position I've moved myself into. How soft and comfortable the pillows and blankets feel. How clear my head is, I'm thinking about only one or two things instead of 500.


How being surrounded by nature and greenery is calming for me. How excited I get to fill my work space and home with them. How rewarding it is to grow plants. How fresh and new a place feels with a new plant. How cheerful fresh flowers can make me feel. That growing plants, having plants, means having sun light coming in. That I never care about ruining a manicure by gardening.


That any space is instantly made your own when you hang up pictures. That show and tell can live on through sharing photos. How anything can be blown up to 8X10 or taken in Black and White and its art. That pictures help build a history and a story to tell future generations.


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