Sunday, December 6


Today's Best of '09 is supposed to be about the best conference or workshop I attended this year. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend any, but hopefully I will in years to come. I did attend a few webinars when I was at my first job this year and after each one I felt energized and excited about all the possibilities there are in my line of work. The problem can be implementing. Change is never easy and many organizations are scared of the process. Until my recent job I've been in positions where I haven't truly been able to drive and push for changes. I'm not quite in that position yet currently, but I'm close and I need to remind myself that my voice is heard and my voice is desired. So while I didn't attend a best conference or workshop this year, this was a helpful reminder of what has inspired me in my work and that I should act on those inspirations.

note: I remembered while writing this post that I attended the SARK writing workshop over the summer. That was a fabulous experience, however I think the resonance of it is clear when it wasn't the first thing that popped in to my mind...

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