Wednesday, June 17

Porch List

I don't think I could, or should, adequately put in to words what I'm experiencing right now, but I will list it out.
"My Love for You" by Ryan Adams, our wedding song, playing
A robin lifting up on the breeze and landing on the very top of a dwarf pine as I watch
A gentle, warm, summery spring breeze blowing across me
Peonies bursting in to blooms in front of me
The sun, on the sun
Purple irises
Cars on the dirt road
The sounds of birds and planes and cars

Another list for you: What I did on my June vacation:
Picked peonies everyday and put them in vases around the house
Drove in a fast car with the windows down and pop music blaring
Watched bad TV on a good big TV
Swam, Biked, Ran
Cooked and ate good meals
Let the sadness out
Built some kearns
Sat in the grass
Took pictures
Bought Shoes
Bought Clothes
Developed film (unfortunately I didn't do this myself)
Listened to music
Ate Marshmallows
Took in every second and moment as it happened.

The best thing, it's only Wednesday!

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