Tuesday, May 27


We drove on tight curvy roads a bit too fast
We tasted glass after glass of good wine and found it hard to believe it was all really that good
We ran along the Russian River
We bickered and laughed and poked fun at each other like good families do
We met the man whose Grandfather illegitimately fathered Ted Williams
We saw the Golden Gate up close and from Land's End
We walked the tiny cramped streets of China town
We walked and ran the long steep hills of the city
We took in a game
We went to where the city ends at the ocean and just drove
We marveled at mansions
We saw the Pacific, and wound along it through small towns with big fields
We saw large redwoods that rose infinitely in to the sky and then turned a bend in the road and found hills upon hills of golden grass that clung to our clothes after laying in it.
We had meal after meal placed in front of us and it was all good, and sometimes of our own making.

And it was good.

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