Tuesday, April 29


Lots of things whirling around, that I just don't feel like writing down flushed out. It is an interesting time of year for me. I love Spring, I love the renewal, the growth, the warmth, more sun, all of that. Spring will also always represent loss, sickness and anxiety. Every year in March and the beginning of April I relish in the things I love that begin to change with the season, and then as April turns to May I start to think more and more of my Dad. I feel the emotions I did when he was sick and dying, it doesn't matter if there is something I can attach them to or not.
Anyway- I guess it is the conflict of all of the above that stunts me. It's not like there is nothing going on in my head, I just don't feel like writing it down.
Stay tuned, I'll be back.
If you're new to the blog- check out the archives from April, May and June 06 to get a glimpse of what returns this time of year.

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