Monday, March 10

To Be Young

I watched a baby and a puppy play on Sunday afternoon. I just laughed and laughed, and laughed. It was darling. To watch the almost 2 year old run with a smile spread across his face and sounds of glee coming from him as the puppy, a smile also across his face, jump and chase after him was heartwarming to say the least.
What joy it can be to watch those still young and get to feel young at heart. What fun to project your future plans upon them, fantasize about what it can be like, what hopefully it will be like. I want it all. A house, a dog, a baby. I feel fulfilled now, but partly it is the knowledge that I can have it all, I'm a quarter there.
Matt said in the car as we were driving to NH on Friday,
"Isn't it weird to think that in less than 6 months we'll be making this drive to get married?"
I guess weird isn't the right word, but it is a wonderful feeling that we're getting closer and I can't wait. Isn't it also weird, or fantastic, to think that in a year from now maybe we'll be in our first house and then a few years after that (give or take) we'll have a dog and a baby in that house?
Maybe it's the lost hour and gained light, but I feel light and young and happy and even closer than a quarter way there.

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Anonymous said...

take off a few years on the baby plan! Guess who? :-)